The National Farmworker Jobs Program (NFJP) is funded through the United States Department of Labor and is available across the United States. Proteus implements this program in Iowa, Indiana, and Nebraska.

Proteus is the recipient of the National Farmworker Jobs Program grant through the Employment and Training Administration, U.S. Department of Labor. Funding provided through this program supports the response to chronic seasonal unemployment and underemployment experienced by agricultural workers, by offering educational assistance, short-term certification programs, job training, and/or career placements.  The program helps farmworkers cover costs related to career and training programs such as; tuition, books, tools/equipment, or provides a stipend for class attendance.

Farmworkers generally go from making less than 150% of the federal poverty level to making a livable wage after exiting the program.

Examples of Farmwork

  • Dairy Farming
  • Seed Sorting
  • Tree Farming
  • Aquaculture
  • Baling Hay
  • Detasseing Corn
  • Planting Crops
  • Combining
  • Picking Fruit/Vegetables
  • Walking Beans
  • Poultry Farming
  • Raising Livestock

Program Eligibility

To be eligible for participation in the NFJP, an individual:

  • Must be legally authorized to work in the United States
  • Must qualify as a low-income individual or family at the time of application.
  • Must have been an eligible farmworker during any consecutive 12-month period within the most recent 24-month period prior to application
  • Dependents or spouses may also apply under the eligible farmworker
  • Any 18+ male applicants must have registered for the Selective Service in accordance with Section 3 of the Military Selective Service Act

The NFJP is currently authorized under section 167 of the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act of 2014 and is a required partner of the local One-Stop delivery system.

The National Farmworker Jobs Program allows for Proteus to work directly with employers and connect them to our participants. There are multiple partnership opportunities available for employers including, but not limited to, On-The-Job Training, Work Experiences, Apprenticeships, or Referrals If employers have farmworkers that qualify for the NFJP program, they can collaborate with Proteus to upskill their employees where Proteus can assist the individual with access to additional training programs.

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