Support Farmworkers with a long-sleeve shirt donation

Why we celebrate National Farmworker Awareness Week

Farmworkers play a crucial role in our farming system, responsible for handpicking 85% of the fresh produce we eat nationwide.

Across the United States, an estimated 2.5-3 million individuals, including men, women, and children, work in fields, yet their vital contributions often go unnoticed.

Despite being present in every state, farmworkers face harsh living and working conditions, often hidden from public view. We stand for the recognition and dignity of farmworkers.

The agricultural sector presents significant risks, making farm labor one of the most dangerous jobs in the country. Those involved in planting and harvesting crops are exposed to high levels of chemicals, surpassing all other professions. Additionally, they disproportionately suffer from heat-related illnesses, skin conditions, infections, and various health issues. We advocate for the safety and protection of farmworkers from these hazards.

How can long-sleeve shirts help farmworkers?

Wearing a new or gently used, light-colored long-sleeve shirt can reduce the risk of coming into contact with pesticide residues and lower the chance that a farmworker will experience heat-related illnesses such as heat stress or heat stroke.

How you can help:

Collect new or gently used, light-colored, long-sleeve shirts and donate them to Proteus, Inc. Shirts can be dropped off at one of our office locations.

If you have many shirts (more than 25) to donate, you can call your local Proteus, Inc. office or our Headquarters to arrange a pickup.

Find the Proteus, Inc. office nearest you

Not able to donate a shirt? You can still support farmworkers!