Get to know our administrative staff.

Keta Minden-Sebastian

Office 348-6640

What you do in your spare time: If I’m not exploring new places and going for walks with my husband and my dog, you will find me in a garden center looking for a new plant to add to my collection, or on the phone talking with family or friends.

Favorite Produce Item: Mango! There are many varieties, some juicier than others, and I love all of them. You can make mango juice, smoothies, popsicles, add it to a salad, salsa, and the list can go on. Growing up we had mango trees on our farm. There was a very big mango tree in our backyard, and we had a swing hanging from it. Every time I eat a mango, it brings back the memory of my siblings and me playing around that swing or just sitting under the shade of the mango tree.

Jackie Hernandez-Wells

Accounting Specialist

What you do in your spare time: Reading, shop at craft stores, and watch suspense movies.

Favorite Produce Item: Fresh tomatoes are my absolute favorite. My grandpa had a garden in Fort Madison. I loved picking homegrown tomatoes with him so, so tasty. Sweet memory being with my grandpa in his garden

Leydy Mendoza

HR/Payroll Coordinator

Hero/Heroes: I actually have two heroes. One is my father. He has taught me to always be kind and help others because an act of kindness goes a long way and we never know when we may need the help. My other hero is my sister because she has the strength and resilience of a Superwoman.

Favorite Produce Item: My favorite produce item is avocado because it is used for a lot of Mexican dishes.

Rita Marshall


What you do in your spare time: In my free time, I love weight lifting and running.

Favorite Produce Item: Red delicious apple because it tastes so great (especially with peanut butter)!

Alexandra Limón

Marketing and Communications Coordinator

What you do in your spare time: I enjoy spending time with the ones I love, friends and family. You’ll find me either at taking a hot yoga class/Pilates or rewatching the princess diaries for the 100th time.

Favorite Produce Item: I can’t choose, but avocados and strawberries are my top two! They both are the best produce to exist. If I could eat avocados and strawberries everyday for the rest of my life, I would be happy!

Blake Clyde

Development Coordinator

What you do in your spare time: Singing, theatre, spending time with my beagle and tuxedo cat, and exploring all the amazing opportunities our Central Iowa community has to offer!

Favorite Produce Item: I’m a green bean fanatic! I was a really picky eater as a kid (especially when it came to vegetables!) and my grandma eventually turned me onto green beans. I eat them multiple times a week now!