Daniel Zinnel

Chief Executive OfficerDanielZ@proteusinc.net

Favorite Proteus Memory: Too many to count, but working with partners to provide a health and wellness event on-site at one of the migrant camps is a cherished memory.

Favorite Produce Item: There are many produce items that are favorites, but one of them is asparagus. It was always a joy searching for asparagus with family in the countryside ditches. My mom would treat us by making asparagus with cheese or creamed asparagus on toast for all of us kids.

Carla Beste

Chief Financial Officer

What you do in your spare time: Spend time with family and friends.

Favorite Produce Item: I love all kinds of peppers! It’s always a flavor adventure.

Lindsey Murphy

Director of Health ProgramsLindseyMu@proteusinc.net

What you do in your spare time: I enjoy reading biographies and going for walks with my dog, Gus.

Favorite Produce Item: Cantaloupe – it reminds me of spending time with my grandparents in the summer

Patrick Taggart

Director of OperationsPatrickT@proteusinc.net

Favorite Proteus Memory: I have always enjoyed the AFOP Conference trips to Washington, D.C. This produces a chance to work with staff in all three states, meet our state representatives and enjoy the history of the city.

Favorite Produce Item: Mulberries from a wild tree

Emily Mendez

Director of DevelopmentEmilyMe@proteusinc.net

What you do in your spare time: I love spending time with my husband, our kids, and our extended family. We go on family bike rides, watch movies, play cards, and eat tacos. We also have two dogs that keep us busy and feeling loved!

Favorite Produce Item: My favorite is watermelon. In the hot summer, there is nothing more refreshing than watermelon that has been chilling in the fridge. And watermelon agua fresca is delicious too!