Farmworker Recognition Breakfast Raises Funds to Support Farmworker Needs

The Indiana Proteus team raises close to $5,000 at their annual NFAW breakfast.

The Farmworker Recognition Breakfast took place on March 31, 2022, during National Farmworker Awareness Week. This event was coordinated by the Indiana Proteus, Inc. team and hosted at the Four Winds Casino in South Bend, IN.

The focus of the event was to recognize farmworkers for all their hard work. Lawmakers, farmworkers, and many other community members sat together to break bread and discuss their work and how each can support the other.

Honor the hands that harvest your crops.

Dolores Huerta

From the funds raised at the breakfast and the donations/sponsorships that came in leading up to the event, the Indiana team was able to purchase 5 new laptops which were presented to the awardees at the breakfast. This will assist them in the advancement of their educational and career journeys.

  • Over 100 survival bags were also donated to Proteus to be handed out to farmworkers during summer health and safety trainings. These bags include toothpaste, shaving cream, razors, deodorant, long-sleeve shirts, and more.
  • Over 900 long-sleeve shirts were raised during the 2022 National Long-Sleeve Shirt Drive in just South Bend, IN. These shirts will help farmworkers from sun and pesticide exposure/

Thank you to all that made this event possible; donors, partners, farmworkers, and especially our event sponsors!

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