Proteus serves immigrant, minority and low-income populations to make their dream of a brighter tomorrow a reality by helping them overcome language and cultural barriers in order to better provide for their families.

We provide training and health care services to farm and migrant workers in Indiana, Iowa and Nebraska.

CJ Collett was on the path to making his life better. Enrolled in a welding course at Indian Hills Community College in Ottumwa, Iowa, he was pursuing a career in this field. Splitting time between classes and work was taking its toll. CJ was excited to hear a Proteus representative tell about the opportunities provided by the National Farmworker Jobs Program. When not attending school, CJ was working on a hog farm earning $10 an hour. He knew he would benefit from any aid provided.

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Ana Isordia came to the Proteus office asking how to upgrade her skills with job training and advance in a career. Her first statement was, “I don’t want to be poor any more. I want to make money, lots of it!” After several meetings with Proteus Case Manager Jesusa Rivera, Ana enrolled at Ivy Tech and earned her associates degree as an electrical technician. She interviewed with an Indiana electrical company and was offered an entry level position making $14.00 an hour.

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Sanford Boulden was among a dozen recently laid off workers attending a workshop hosted by the Iowa Workforce Development office in Vinton, Iowa. Previously, employed at Centrum Valley Farms, Sanford had worked seasonally as a barn worker and his duties centered on caring for the poultry animals as well as harvesting eggs. While earning a respectable $12 an hour, the pay was sporadic as Sanford was not needed on a consistent basis. Knowing he was not in a career position, Sanford took the news of the layoff well and saw it as an opportunity to better his life.

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