Monetary Donations

Monetary donations of any size support the mission of Proteus. Your donation will provide families with health services, career placement, educational services, or any other service Proteus provides. Your gift of funds support Proteus programs which supports minority and low-income families in Indiana, Iowa and Nebraska.

Support our mission by donating to Proteus today.

Food Donations

Guidelines for donations to our food pantry:

  • We accept all non-perishable (not frozen or refrigerated), sealed, and unexpired food
  • We accept unopened toiletries (shampoo, soap, shaving cream, etc.)
  • We prefer non-glass containers for the safety or our staff and volunteers
  • We cannot accept baby food or pet food


  • Dairy – milk (dried, evaporated and boxed)
  • Protein – beef stew, nuts, peanut butter, beans, peas or canned chili, tuna, salmon or chicken
  • Vegetables – canned tomatoes, spaghetti sauce, vegetables
  • Fruit – raisins, dried or canned fruit in its own juice
  • Grains – crackers, oatmeal, rice, all types of pasta, high fiber cereals.