Program Staff

See the program staff for the National Farmworker Jobs Program and the Agricultural Health Program.


April Lu

Program Assistant
(515) 348-6643

What do you like to do in your free time?

I enjoy traveling, spending time with family, friends, and my dog, Chewy.

Favorite produce Item:

Thai bananas. It’s similar to a plantain when green and becomes more fragrant, custardy, and sweeter when yellow. All-around, they’re very versatile and simply the best!

Julianna Dubin-Barz

Database Coordinator
(515) 227-7060

What do you like to do in your free time?

When I’m not at work, you’ll usually find me with my wife, my friends, and/or my dogs. I am a stained glass artist, I love to create beautiful things.

What is your favorite produce item and why?

Hard to choose, they’re all delicious in their own way. I’ll say apples – I have happy memories of apple picking with my family as a kid, I love eating apples alone or baked into sweets, and apples with honey every fall as a special Rosh Hashanah treat.


Project Coordinator

Des Moines, Iowa


Regional Director

María Belismelis

Program Specialist
(515) 351-2407

Hero/Heroes: My grandma used to spoil me all the time.

Favorite Produce Item: Lime! I pretty much use it for everything in my life.

Raquel Kentner

Career Coach
(515) 348-6644


Career Coach

Fort Dodge, Iowa

Matt Winkel

Regional Director
(515) 227-7056

Favorite Proteus Memory: I’ve enjoyed each participant that I’ve been able to help pursue a new and successful career. I enjoy seeing updates from them on the great changes they have made.

Favorite Produce Item: The vegetables used in a pot roast (carrots, potatoes, onions) always remind me of weekends at my Grandparents’ house.

Catalina Perry

Program Specialist
(515) 336-2008

Favorite Proteus Memory: Connecting a young patient to a community resource that assisted her with cleft palate revision. The young patient’s mother was overjoyed knowing her daughter would finally get the help she needed to lift her out of her depression.

Favorite Produce Item: Cilantro, it’s versatile and adds pizazz to many dishes. I have fond memories of cooking with my mom rolling up taquitos filled with chicken, cilantro, and onions! Yum!

Melissa Rude

Senior Career Coach
(515) 227-7058

Brittanie Van Reese

Career Coach
(515) 227-7059

Iowa City, Iowa

Diana Moncada

Regional Director
(319) 800-1918

Tyler Black

Program Specialist
(515) 499-6008

What do you like to do in your free time?

I enjoy making music and playing video games!

What is your favorite produce item and why?

Tomatoes – they are so delicious and mingle well in a lot of dishes!

Amberai Sindlinger

Career Coach
(563) 920-6850

Lynne Lange

Career Coach
(641) 206-1042

Alejandra Aquino

Career Coach
(319) 499-9164 

Eastern Nebraska

Jennifer Lewis

Regional Director
(308) 379-6914

What you do in your spare time: bike, hike, and/or work out.

Favorite Produce Item: Watermelon is my favorite produce item. A neighbor grew watermelons and then would invite all of the neighborhood families over for a watermelon feed.

Kim Parnell

Career Coach
(531) 220-1720

Maria Schinstock

Career Coach
(402) 705-1969

Diana Bueno

Career Coach
(531) 220-6193

Anahissa Limon

Program Specialist
(531) 610-6396

Western Nebraska

Jody Stutzman

Regional Director
(402) 705-3477

Favorite Proteus Memory: My favorite memory is when I was at a health and safety training. I had been working with this particular group of workers from Mexico for several years. One of the workers came up to me at the start of the presentation and told me he only spoke English. I panicked for a minute because the training was in Spanish and frantically started explaining this to him in English. The man and group of 100 workers started laughing and that was when I realized they were all playing a joke on me. I have appreciated all of the relationships with workers I have developed throughout the years.

Favorite Produce Item: My favorite produce item is the avocado because it’s the most universal produce item. It literally goes with everything from toast to tacos. Plus, when an item is full of fat but is considered a healthy item it has to have a special place on my table.

Krisa Kaufman

Career Coach
(308) 765-1317

Chris Miotke

Career Coach
(402) 705-1964

Mandy Puente

Career Coach
(402) 462-0356

Angela Soto

Program Specialist
(402) 615-3905


Randall Collins

Regional Director
(765) 243-1622

Hero/Heroes: My Mother – She never gave up on anyone. She was bold, smart, and strong. No matter what she would say, “It was a good day.”

Favorite Produce Item: Tomato – My Father was a small vegetable farmer and My mother would work, when I was little, in the summers sorting tomatoes at a local cannery before she went to nursing school.

Dana Cowsert

Senior Career Coach
(765) 438-0916

Melynda Stutsman

Career Coach
(812) 350-2152

Miriam C. Chavarria-Tungate

Career Coach
(812) 350-1618

Jesusa Rivera

Senior Career Coach
(574) 413-8020

Laurie Ransom

Career Coach
(812) 379-3057

Maira Vásquez

Career Coach
(765) 438-4035

Lorena Garcilazo-Coria

Program Specialist – South Bend
(574) 710-0462


Program Specialist


Vilma Bramasco

Health Clinical Director, Des Moines, IA
(515) 348-6642

What do you like to do in your free time: I enjoy spending time with my family. We love to go watch our son participate in sporting activities and have two dachshunds, that keep us entertained.

What is your favorite produce item and why: Edamame- It is great prepared spicy or steamed for a simple snack with lots of fiber and protein.

Melissa Copper

Agricultural Health Program Assistant, Des Moines, IA
(515) 348-6654

What you do in your spare timeSpend it with family and friends

Favorite Produce Item: Garlic, it makes just about any dish taste great.


Clinic Manager, Des Moines, IA

Gricelda Arroyo

Project Coordinator, Des Moines, IA
(515) 348-6648

Hero/Heroes: First responders, healthcare professionals, and farmworkers are my heroes. I admire and respect their hard work. My parents are my heroes too. They have taught me the importance of having compassion and doing what you can to help those in need.

Favorite Produce Item: Ever since I can remember avocados have been enjoyed in my family. My grandparents and aunt have avocados trees in Mexico and it has become a tradition to pick off avocados whenever we’re over for the holidays.

Des Moines, Iowa

Cristina DePriest

Referral Coordinator/RN, Des Moines, IA

(515) 348-6657

What you do in your spare time: Spend time with my husband and baby

Laura Meza

Health Care Team Lead, Des Moines, IA

(515) 348-6641


Bilingual Health Aide, Des Moines, IA

Iowa City, Iowa


Family Nurse Practitioner, Iowa City, IA

Naomi Marroquín

Bilingual Health Team Lead, Iowa City, IA
(319) 499-9162

Favorite Proteus Memory: Going to Conesville with Dr. Claudia Corwin and experiencing and watching our first “round” of farmworkers being vaccinated in mid-March 2021.

Favorite Produce Item: Cucumber (with lime, salt, and sometimes Tapatio) – a snack my mom used to make us growing up and one of the produce items my dad would grow in his mini-garden

Beatriz Garnica

Bilingual Health Aide, Iowa City, IA

Who is a hero of yours and why? My mom and my dad are my heroes because they have gone above and beyond to make sure I take advantage of the opportunities they never had, and they have always been my support system.

Favorite Produce Item: My dad grows his own strawberries and cucumbers (and other vegetables) at home so those are two of my favorites. Although I also love mangos and jicama because they’re very refreshing in the summertime (with lime and tajin).

Fort Dodge, Iowa

Helen Retleff

Family Nurse Practitioner, Fort Dodge, IA
(515) 348-6646

Favorite Proteus Memory: There are so many already! Having a patient bring a warm chocolate flan cake to us during the clinic.

Favorite Produce Item: I love all veg and fruit. A favorite is sweet red pepper- I love the flavor and will eat them like an apple.

Jesús Ortíz-Díaz

Bilingual Health Team Lead, Fort Dodge, IA
(515) 227-7057

What you do in your spare time Exercise, write, fish, box, and ride my motorcycles

Favorite Produce Item: Peanuts, because Peanut Butter! Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches are what I survived on in college.

Alex Carrillo

Bilingual Health Aide, Fort Dodge, IA

(515) 348-6646