Housing Program

Through a federal grant program, Proteus provides migrant farmworkers with rental assistance to an estimated 100 families each year. Migrant farmworkers arriving to the state to perform farmwork are given a voucher to go toward their first month’s rent in order to create immediate stability. In addition, Proteus provides housing assistance as needed to migrant farmworkers and their families which will include finding and securing housing and also housing education through the curriculum Rent Smart.

Rent Smart Program


Rent Smart is designed to provide practical education to help potential renters to acquire and keep decent housing.

The curriculum consists of 11 lessons, which may be taught separately or in combination with other units. Many tenant education materials stress legal rights for tenants. While Rent Smart covers these rights, it emphasizes skills that may help tenants avoid legal confrontations and advantages to be gained from viewing landlord-tenant relationships as mutually beneficial, rather than as confrontational.

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