National Farmworker Jobs Program

Have you done farm work in the past two years?

The men and women who work on the farms care for the livestock and the crops that feed our nation and the world. Yet all too often many get stuck in this cycle of low pay, substandard working and living conditions, and the ever-uncertain employment prospects that come with seasonal work. Proteus is a member of the Association of Farmworkers Opportunity Programs. The goal of NFJP is to train seasonal or migrant farmworkers to help them obtain full-time jobs with benefits. If you or someone you know has done farm work for wages in the past two years, contact the case manager in your area.

Removing the Barriers


Through the National Farmworker Jobs Program, Proteus provides the services and financial assistance that can remove the barriers to help the farmworkers – as well as those who have worked in a nursery, greenhouse, or winery – qualify for better jobs and enjoy a higher standard of living. Proteus assists over 100 farmworkers looking for new employment opportunities every year in Iowa and Nebraska. Eligible participants may receive tuition assistance, books and materials, and training compensation for the hours spent in the classroom advancing their skills. Popular short-term programs clients choose from include: welding, nursing, commercial drivers license classes, diesel mechanics, auto body and wind energy.