December 2017 Newsletter

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Veteran Benefits from Proteus Assistance

Stipend helps defray education costs


Matt Winkel is a Regional Director in Fort Dodge, Iowa.

Matt Winkel is a Regional Director in Fort Dodge, Iowa.

Brandan Hargens met Case Manager Melissa Rude at a job fair at Northwest Iowa Community College in Sheldon Iowa. After struggling to keep up with bills while he was working on his degree, Brandon was excited to hear about the assistance Proteus provides to support education. Previous to attending school, he had worked as a seasonal farmworker while serving in the Army National Guard. He was deployed to Iraq during Operation Enduring Freedom and after returning home, he was ready to pursue a new career. The powerline program interested him most as it is a fast growing field with great benefits and a good starting wage.

While enrolled in the National Farmworkers Job Program, Proteus assisted him with a stipend for some of his classroom time.

Veteran Benefits From Proteus Assistance

Brandan earned an education and has a new career with the help of Proteus.

“Being a 29 year old coming back to school, trying to pay loans and bills while in school is very tough to do. Proteus helped to take away some of that burden so I could concentrate more on coursework and job-seeking, Brandon said.”

After successfully completing his degree, Brandan was able to secure a job with PAR Electric as an apprentice lineman and earning over $25 per hour. When asked what he would tell someone about our program he said, “Proteus will do their best to work with you and they have a very great and friendly staff. Make those long, hard hours of farm work work for you.”

Proteus assists clients from many different backgrounds. Each person who enrolls brings their own unique skills and abilities and goals for the future. At Proteus, it is an honor to be able to help those who have served our country begin a new chapter in their life.

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Motivating the Millennial Worker

Taking steps to secure his future


Jeanie Meade, Indiana NFJP Case Manager

Jeanie Gore is a Case Manager in Indiana.

Today’s multi-generational workforce brings challenges to employers and employees alike. With four, and sometimes five, generations working together, their differences are noticeable. According to Pew Research, millennial workers are the nation’s largest living generation.

It seems standard for these workers, between 18-24 years old, to have mulitple jobs in the early years of their careers. In constrast, the baby boomer generation possesses company loyalty and has stayed in their positions for many years, having identified their employment goals when they were adolescents. Earning skills to meet the requirements of higher paying positions, while they exhibited enthusiasm for the benefits offered, resulted in additional income for these workers.

The present-day threat to companies is the projected change in the workforce as senior employees retire, leaving openings in the workforce. Is it possible to motivate a new generation of workers who doesn’t seem to share the same work ethic of the previous generation? How can we motivate the the next generation of workers? The promotion of classroom education, increased use of technology, and an aversion to manual labor have taken hold of the next generation of employees who sometimes lack the initiative to meet the minimal requirements for a job interview.


With the support of Proteus, Josh as a new career and a better future for his family.

Employers are looking to workforce development agencies, and their partners such as Proteus, to support this growing trend of unqualified individuals through training and education programs. Companies are initiating co-enrollments and internships to shape a workforce that can replace retiring workers.

Each year, Proteus offers seasonal agriculture workers the opportunity to participate in programs that enhance their skills and make them a valuable asset to their employers. Since many of those who work in agriculture have the incentive to improve their employment situation, workforce development agencies collaborate to provide opportunities for these workers.

An example of an employee who benefited from these services is Josh Loar. He worked as a seasonal employee for a grain co-op operation because he didn’t have a high school diploma. Josh enrolled in the Proteus program and earned his commercial drivers license. The ability to transition from a low-paying job to a full-time position was not something that Josh thought was possible. With the incentive to provide for his daughter, Josh pursued a new career. Today, Josh works full-time for an excavating company and is looking forward to his future.

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Welcome Nebraska Case Manager

Brandy Beachy joins Nebraska team


12-5-17 - Brandy BeachyNebraska Case Manager Brandy Beachy began working for Proteus in November. She is located in the North Platte office. For those who don’t know geography in Nebraska, Brandy’s office is located approximately four hours west of Lincoln.

Born in Lexington, Nebraska, Brandy is the eldest in her family that includes two younger brothers. She is the mother of two daughters, ages 14 and 9, and is also helping to raise two young ladies, ages 9 and 7, with her significant other who “share my heart”. Brandy’s face beams when talking about her house full of girls.

Brandy has taken a non-traditional route to her current role. As a young mother, she knew it was up to her to support herself and her children. Online classes and various jobs resulted in her earning a BA in Psychology and an MA in Education – Community and Family Support. In previous positions, she worked with the Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services as an investigator and adoption specialist. She has also worked for the Nebraska Children’s Home in adoptions and family finding.

Brandy states, “I look forward to reaching out to my community and surrounding areas to offer farmworkers the services that Proteus provides.”

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Clients Benefit from New Office Location

Des Moines office moved


1221 Center - Long View

The Proteus office in Des Moines is now located at 1221 Center Street, Suite 16.

Since Proteus first opened its doors and began running the National Farmworker Jobs Program and Migrant Health Program it has been our priority to serve the community. The new office location for Des Moines staff allows greater access to clients and their families. It has easy access to city bus services, convenient parking and is closer to the clients we serve.

The new address is 1221 Center Street, Suite 16, Des Moines, IA 50309. The phone number remains the same, 515-271-5306 or 800-372-6031.

Stop by when you are in the neighborhood!